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Candace M. Collins, MS

Candace M. Collins, MS

Practice Manager

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High School: ECS, Montreal, Quebec
Graduation Year: 1982
Activities:  Cross country running, drama, art, debate team
Undergraduate college/university:  Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario
Graduation Year: 1986
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
Activities:  Intramural football, ball hockey and anti-apartheid activist
Graduate college/university:  Champlain College, Burlington, Vermont
Graduation Year: 2009
Degree: Master of Science in Managing Innovation and Information Technology


As a young bride, I was pulled into healthcare when my husband’s medical biller left. I thought, “How hard can it be?” Well, let me tell you, there is nothing easy about medical billing, and I got a rude awakening very soon. Healthcare is very important to many people, but the system is just so complicated. When people are sick, everything should be easier, more pleasant and helpful, and I have worked in healthcare management with this goal since 1994.

I enjoy working with healthcare professionals to deliver the best care we can in a small, rural community. The team at Cold Hollow Family Practice makes every work-day tremendously enjoyable. We have a lot of fun, but once the patients start calling and coming into the clinic, the jokes are swept aside. We take everyone’s needs seriously and want to help.

Every day, I drive into Enosburg Falls with the goal of supporting my team to deliver the right care, in the right place, at the right time. We provide high quality care and a great patient experience, at the lowest cost possible.

The team at Cold Hollow Family Practice is a prepared and proactive group of professionals. If we cannot solve your problems, we will find someone who can. I am confident that my team’s goal is to be the best we can for our patients, but if something can be better, I want to hear from you.

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