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Mental Health Treatment

Mental Health Treatment

Integrated Mental Health Care

Offering mental health treatment in a primary care setting that is convenient for patients. It can reduce the stigma associated with depression treatment and mental health treatment, build an existing provider-patient relationship, and help improve care for the millions of patients who have mental disorders.

Integrated care has been shown to be more cost-effective than the typical care you might get from other mental health or depression treatment centers. We include a mental health and substance use counselor on our team to screen for common mental health conditions and provide immediate access to assessment, care coordination, and treatment. Our integrated mental health team delivers:

  • Patient-centered care – Primary care and mental health providers collaborate effectively using the same electronic medical record.
  • Coordinated care – Our care team collaborates with community mental health services to track and reach out to patients who are not improving and to develop a treatment plan with focused therapy, not just ad hoc advice.
  • Patient-centered goals – Our team will help you develop a treatment plan that clearly articulates your goals and includes clinical outcomes that are routinely measured. We adjust treatments if you are not improving as expected.
  • Evidence-based care – Our team offers treatment options for which there is credible research evidence to support their efficacy in treating your conditions.

Our integrated mental health treatment and substance use services are handled by innovative funding models that are completely covered by insurance, so you don’t have a copay. To learn more about our care coordination team, please Request an Appointment.

Need more info about mental health treatment at Cold Hollow Family Practice? Call us at 802-933-6664 or Request an Appointment here. We see patients of all ages from Enosburg, Richford, Franklin, Sheldon and Swanton.

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